Set Prices Riding

Distributed History, 1999 - 2003

Poems, 1999 - 2003 (published by Onestar Press in 2004)

"Painting" Sites, 2000 (transcript of text I read for the video)

Probable Future, 2001

Industrial Synthesis, 2001

Early Video Game Soundtracks, 2001

Dispersion, 2002 - 

Dispersion (self published booklet), 2003

Journalistic Approach to Industrial Dance Genre, 2003

Revolting Cocks (original appearance as a review, Sound Collector Magazine), 2003

Modern Suite, 2003

Sports, 2003

Stay At Home/Go Home, 2003

Journalistic Approach to New Jack Swing Genre, 2003)

NJS Megamix (original appearance as a review, Sound Collector Magazine), 2003

OK, Just Send Me the Bill, 2004

D├ęcor Holes (Akademische Graffiti LP booklet version), 2003-2005

Was ist Los (38th Street Press book version), 2003-2005

Grey Flags, 2005

Law Poem, 2006

People With No Heads V. People With The Heads of Animals, 2006

Notes on This Show, 2006


'Sculpture,' Isabella Bortolozzi (press release), 2006

For a Friend, 2007-8

How to Disappear in America, 2008

Redistribution (video transcript), 2009

Teen Image, 2009

Where I Do My Thing, 2011

Fire and Smoke, 2011

Uptight World, (also published as 'Folklore US',) 2012

 'Folklore U.S.,' Petzel Gallery (press release), 2012
Compatibility Mode, 2013

Lecture on the Extra Part, 2014

Fuck Seth Price (PDF of the 3rd printing), 2015

Nothing More, 2015

Books of Ice, 2015 (with excerpts of writing from 2014)

Wrong Seeing, 2017 (PDF)

Consumer Reports, 2018 (PDF)